Monday, June 25, 2012

Sheriden's Burger Bar Cafe on Cudo

I bought a Cudo for Sheriden's Burger Bar and Cafe which is located at the intersection of South Street and Roe Highway. It received pretty poor ratings on Urbanspoon but I decided to give it a go. After all, the deal was for two big breakfasts and two coffees or hot drinks for only $15. How could it go wrong? We went to Sheriden's exactly a week after the deal went live and it seemed like most of the customers there that day were holding on to a print out from Cudo. The small cafe was full of people and we had to wait about 10 minutes before a table was available for us. The owner seemed pretty chuffed at the number of people showing up, telling us (and other customers) that they sold about 500 of those vouchers. The price on the chalkboard was $10 for a big breakfast with a coffee so the voucher only really saved us $5 from the normal menu which is a good way of using Cudo. Customers that are happy wouldn't mind going back again for an extra $2.50 per person. The coffees and food came out after some unforeseen circumstances arose - one of the customers had stopped breathing and was turning blue so an ambulance was called and two customers helped with CPR. No, it didn't appear to be related to what she ordered. Anyway the food and coffees were quite reasonable. The bread was quite standard, nothing too special but it was good value. Here is a pic of the food. Sheridens Burger Bar Cafe on Urbanspoon

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