Monday, September 19, 2011

Osaka Japanese from Stardeals

Yesterday was the last day for redeeming the Osaka Japanese Restuarant voucher from Stardeals so we trotted over to Victoria Park, just east of Perth city to get some Japanese food. The voucher was for $40 worth of food at the cost of $20. We ordered the teriyaki beef bento box and salmon sashimi bento box as well as another teriyaki beef & beef curry to takeaway. All up it cost $1.60 after the voucher.

The food came quite quickly and while the sashimi was a little tasteless, the beef teriyaki tasted as good as it smelt. Bento boxes include a decent serve of salad, a large serve of the meat, rice and two pieces of sushi. We were very satisfied with the size and taste and the takeaway will be lunch for today. Another successful group buy in Perth. Osaka Sushi on Urbanspoon

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