Sunday, May 15, 2011

Riley's Woodfired Cafe from JumpOnIt

When I saw Jumponit featuring Riley's I went mouseclicker happy and bought three vouchers, then I realised that they expire in three months! Wow.. better start planning.

I've just recently redeemed the second of my JumpOnIt for Riley's Woodfired Cafe. The voucher said that we had to call in to book "Bookings Essential" but when I called, they said that they don't take bookings. All that worrying was for nothing so I just turned up with three other hungry people to see what we could get for $50 worth of food for $25. We ordered two pizza's and a pasta overshooting the $50 by about $9 and realised that the food probably wasn't enough. The Bari pizza was great and the Gamberoni was fantastic! I can't remember the other pizza but I completely forgot about their dessert pizzas which I had tried before taking advantage of the Jumponit deal.

The most recent time I went with two smaller mouths to feed and this time we ordered a beef pizza, the Gamberoni again and a garlic bread. Gamberoni was not as good as the first time I had it and the pizza kept reminding me of a Domino's meatlovers so maybe won't go for that pizza next time.Garlic bread was fine. The cost was $49.50, just under the $50 voucher :)

Both times they were happy honouring the JumpOnIt but the only trick for new players is that the voucher does not include drinks. Also, I am not sure why they don't check the validity of the vouchers before receiving them. I guess Brentwood is a pretty affluent area.

I have one more voucher to use and look forward to it, but time is ticking as the voucher expires in June!

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  1. I happen to drop by at Riley's. Really a nice play to unwind there and have coffee.